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Uniform HTML Image Loading with Montages

Often times a page that contains a lot of icons and images will load those icons and images gradually and the user is left to watch as the page is “assembled” in front of them.  Even worse is when images … Continue reading

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Reducing Coupling with Events & Delegates

Any time it is possible to reduce the coupling of code it is generally a good idea.  This makes the code more easily adapted to reuse and easier to maintain.  I wanted to take a minute to discuss how we … Continue reading

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Processing XML Data

It seems that XML data is everywhere these days.  A while back we had a project that involved processing streams of XML data.  Parsing XML data is a complex process, but luckily there is a huge number of XML parsing … Continue reading

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Imperfect C++ by Matthew Wilson

I recently picked up a copy of Imperfect C++ by Matthew Wilson.  Purchasing it was a real pain because said that it was instock, but then after 4 weeks told me they couldn’t get it anymore.  At that point … Continue reading

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Multithreaded Programming – Mutexes

Multithreaded programming is difficult.  The problem is that as soon as you introduce multiple threads, the flow of your program is no longer linear.  Race conditions arising from multithreaded programming are also some of the toughest bugs to find, reproduce, … Continue reading

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